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Quick Questions

  • What kind of law is Prager’s Law? Technically it’s more of a principle or aphorism. I went with the stronger term for dramatic effect: if you consistently break Prager’s Law much misery and ineffectiveness will follow.
  • How should I pronounce “Prager”? It rhymes with “lager”.

Deeper Questions

  • Are there any academic papers I can cite about Prager’s Law and Scaling Improvement? Yes
  • After making an improvement, should you ever do more of the same work? Yes, but only after ruling out possibly better options and only if you’re at the biggest bottleneck within sight.
  • What are we trying to improve? Anything and everything of value, including performance, happiness, quality, effectiveness, equitability. And without making disastrous trade-offs.
  • Is Prager’s Law related to Agile? Yes and no. It emerged in the context of Agile, Lean, and the Theory of Constraints and sheds light on all three, but can also be explored and applied independently.