About Prager’s Law


The mission of the Prager’s Law web site is to unlock the power of compounding improvement: in individuals, in teams, in organizations, and in communities.

The ideas supporting Prager’s Law illuminate

  • what’s needed to make sustainable continuous improvement a reality at all levels (from individuals on up)
  • how to unlock intrinsic motivators to build happy, high performing teams
  • how to bring much needed balance and fairness back into a world where far too many people work harder rather than smarter
  • how to successfully scale Agile and Lean approaches
  • how to successfully descale and transform organisations

The mostly simple (but not necessarily easy!) ideas herein aim to inspire useful action and change.

About Dan Prager, PhD

Dan Prager — the coiner of Prager’s Law and creator of this site — is a long time Agile coach and consultant based in Melbourne, Australia.

An early adopter of Agile, Dan coaches and trains people in Agile and DevOps in startups, scale-ups, and larger organisations. Dan is a passionate supporter of the Australian Agile community, and a regular speaker and participant at conferences and meet-ups.

After completing his PhD in computational mathematical physics on the numerical evolution of a class of black holes, Dan left academia in the 1990’s to pursue a career in software development. He quickly discovered that trying to plan everything up front made very little sense, and went looking for better approaches. This led him to iterative and incremental approaches to creating software, fore-runners of Agile. Later he learned that Agile approaches generalise to all forms of knowledge work.

Dan is passionate about martial arts. He helped establish the Monash University Jiu-jitsu club while a graduate student, and has taught a weekly class at the Monash Caulfield campus since 2005. He holds third degree black belts in both Japanese Jiu-jitsu and classical Judo, and a first dan equivalent in Hung Kuen Chinese Boxing.

Dan is married to Andi Herman. Together they created YouPatch (a web site for turning images into patchwork quilt designs), as well as two children, and have acquired a third.